Winzeler Gear 2022 “Science” Calendar Playlist

12-Month Calendar Playlist

Winzeler Gear 2022 “Science” Calendar Playlist

Through Erich Schrempp’s creative design, Winzeler Gear has been able to change the way that people see gears. For 2022, we have pushed the boundaries of our art even more… by changing the way you hear gears. 

To go along with the 2022 Winzeler Gear Calendar, we have curated a playlist of 12 songs to enhance Erich Schrempp’s beautiful gear art designs. Each song should immerse you into the story of each image, combining that month’s theme, art design, and sound all into one harmonious experience.



January: Astronomy

“Moondance” by Van Morrison 

January depicts the beauty of the moon. The art showcases the moon itself, highlighting the different shapes, patterns, and textures that come from its abundance of craters, all forming together into the shape of a gear. The music showcases another side of the moon’s beauty: its ambiance. The moon’s beauty is much deeper than just that of astronomy, as you will hear in Van Morrison’s depiction of a romantic dance under the moon.



February: Psychology

“The Windmills of Your Mind” by Dusty Springfield 

February delves into the various processes of our brain, much like the turning of a gear. The art shows the struggle of the mouse inside of a maze, searching for the path to the light at the end of the tunnel – or, in this case, the cheese at the end of the maze. Springfield’s cover of “The Windmills of Your Mind” explores how fascinating the human mind is, and just like a mouse, it always finds a way forward.



March: Metallurgy

“Your Molecular Structure” by Mose Allison 

March shows the unique properties of molten metals. The reflecting pearlescent rainbow of colors and mix of smooth and sharp edges, much like the teeth of a gear, are reflected in the art to showcase molten metal’s mix of characteristics. Allison’s song “Your Molecular Structure” takes the common science principle and repurposes it to describe their partner.



April: Marine Biology

“Octopus’s Garden” by The Beatles

April dives deep into the amazing world beneath the ocean. “Octopus’s Garden,” written by Ringo Starr of The Beatles, was inspired by Starr’s fascination he formed with an octopus he saw while on a cruise away from the band. We find that same fascination in the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, where we took inspiration from the turtle’s intricate gear design on its shell. 



May: Aerodynamics

“Come Fly with Me” by Frank Sinatra

May puts you in the driver’s seat of a P-38 Lockheed Lightning aircraft, allowing you to see the gears that help keep it aloft. Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly with Me” invites the viewer on the ride of a lifetime aboard this classic aircraft. 



June: Archaeology

“Raiders March” by John Williams

June takes you on a journey deep into the sandstone caves of Arizona, where this gear art depicts the discovery of ancient drawings left behind by a civilization of the past. John William’s “Raider’s March,” the theme from the movie Indiana Jones, sets the tone for adventure and exploration. 



July: Mathematics

“Fractals” by Mannheim Steamroller

July shows you one of the most complex forms of mathematics through gear art: fractals. A fractal represents an infinite loop – a never-ending collection of repeating patterns – where the beauty lies in its chaos. Both the artwork and music by Mannheim Steamroller look to capture that beauty, and they make the perfect pairing. 



August: Meteorology

“Stormy Weather” by Billie Holiday

August throws you into the eye of a storm, but which side do you see? The radiant, golden glow of the sun is shown shining through the gear-shaped clouds; however, as you move your eyes down the photo, you get a hint of the gloom that comes along with the change in weather. Billie Holiday’s “Stormy Weather” further explores a storm’s gloomy nature, comparing a storm to sorrow.



September: Cryptology

“Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers 

September tests your decoding skills as you receive a secret encrypted message through the gear imagery. Lucky for you, you are well equipped with the perfect tool for this mission: a cryptography decoder. “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers immerses you into the scene of an action movie, as you use your decoder to decipher this message. 



October: Seismology

“I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King 

October shakes up the calendar with a seismic shift. As the coffee rattles and the seismograph jolts back and forth, drawing out a familiar gear shape, all the signs of an earthquake are there. But have the Earth’s tectonic plates really moved? Or, has a loved one just shaken up your world?



November: Paleontology

“Jurassic Park Main Theme” by John Williams 

November takes you back to the Cretaceous period, a time when the Tyrannosaurus Rex was roaming the land, right before their extinction. Join our paleontologist as he uncovers the gear-shaped fossil remains of this fearsome creature: will this discovery be a centerpiece at a museum? Or, will it be the next big scientific breakthrough, as seen in Jurassic Park?


December: Cryogenics

“Let it Snow” by Dean Martin

December exposes you to temperatures well below freezing, as ice crystals gather around these gear forms. Dean Martin’s “Let it Snow” provides the atmosphere of a snowy winter night, a much more comfortable level of a cold than the one depicted. As the lit fireplace warms you up, enjoy the stunning crystalline structures of absolute zero.  


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