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Winzeler Gear Calendar

Winzeler Gear Calendar

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2022 Gear Calendar Science

At Winzeler Gear, our two passions are gears and artistic expression. Through this, we want to show the world our gears through creative design and beauty – which is why we created the Winzeler Gear desk calendar.

As the collaborative project between John Winzeler and Erich Schrempp, the Winzeler Gear desk calendar combines the function of a typical calendar with the aesthetic and appeal of 12 uniquely designed gear art pieces. Every month’s page offers a double-sided print of the art piece, showcasing the creative beauty of our gears.

We update our desk calendar art every year with new artistic themes.

The theme for our 2022 Calendar is Science. John and Erich integrated gears into 12 different art pieces around different forms of science, including paleontology, astrology, and even marine biology. We guarantee you’ve never seen gears like this before!

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What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

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