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Engel WinzelerA recent article on “The Molding Blog” discussed my passion for fashion and our collaboration with students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). I am constantly trying stretch and grow, looking for new, creative ways to look at precision plastic gears. We have worked with photographers like Erich Schrempp, artists like Cat Chow who created our gear dress, which can be seen in our Fashion Gallery, and even created Gallery 43 located right in our plant where we give space and voice to artists from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

Walk through our facility and you see art everywhere, integrated into every part of our precision plastic gear manufacturing plant. From the moment you step in the front door, where you walk into a gallery of gear fashion art, to the plant floor, you are immersed in a uniquely creative environment, one that promotes collaboration and creative problem-solving. We welcome you to visit the rest of our web site, and when you are in Chicago, tour our plant and get to know Winzeler Gear.

About John Winzeler

John Winzeler, president and owner of Winzeler Gear, creates a unique manufacturing environment by combining his passions for art, fashion, cars and gears. The result is one of the premier international designers and manufacturers of precision plastic gears.

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