The KISS fork featured in Plast Design

KISS fork

The Italian publication, Plast Design, featured our collaboration with the Designed Objects program at the School of the Arts Institute Chicago (SAIC). Winzeler Gear is a devoted supporter of the arts and through our connection with SAIC we were asked to collaborate with design students on this great project.


The KISS fork is a great creative project brought to life by student-designer Errin Kancal. While exploring the hand gestures used by Italians, she hit upon 0ne of the most iconic, the “kiss” gesture Italians use when they praise food. They kiss the tips of their fingers, propelling their fingertips up and out in a grand expression of pleasure.

Now look at the fork and envision how it is grasped with the fingers of one hand and bringing the taste of a great dish to their mouth. KISS.

As the project progressed, SAIC professors Helen Maria Nugent and Jim TeMeer, came to Winzeler for assistance. Winzeler provided counsel and expertise, worked closely with their helped develop the mold, and used our preferred resin, DuPont Delrin, to mold the part on our Engel injection molding machines.

The KISS fork was launched at an exhibition at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the Salone del Mobile.

This is the third project in which Winzeler Gear has been involved with the SAIC. You can read the entire article here.

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