Gear Gizmo goes to Italy

Household Appliances Cover

Winzeler Gear projects pop up in unexpected places. The September 2014 issue of Household Appliances parts and components, published by tecniche nuove in Milano, Italy, has the Winzeler Gear Gizmo on page 60. Editorial appears in both Italian and English and the article briefly discusses how Winzeler Gear, in collaboration with our strategic partners, Engel and RJG, created the Gear Gizmo. You see a video on the Gear Gizmo and read all about it here.

The Gear Gizmo concept was started in 2004 and the Gear Gizmo was produced in an automated molding cell at NPE 2006. Since then the Gear Gizmo has been both an  intriguing project. Put a Gizmo into someone’s hand and they can’t help but spin the gears and try to figure three different gear shapes could be spinning together in perfect harmony.

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John Winzeler, president and owner of Winzeler Gear, creates a unique manufacturing environment by combining his passions for art, fashion, cars and gears. The result is one of the premier international designers and manufacturers of precision plastic gears.

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