worldsbestbossesDale Dauten writes an interesting blog, One of his regular subjects is “One Cool Thing” and Winzeler Gear was the subject. Winzeler is Cool Thing #16. In this blog post he covers a lot of ground about our partnerships with Engle and DuPont, but what I find most interesting is his “What Can We Learn” at the close of the article. It zeroes in on our Price vs Value philosophy. Dale writes, “The best companies get good financial people and then drive them crazy by understanding the true, deep value of relationships.”

Dale is President, Lumina Corporation and founder of The Innovators’ Lab®. His is a syndicated columnist and wrote a column for the Chicago Tribune, which is where he was when I first started discussing Winzeler Gear with him.

You might find some interesting articles on a variety of subjects at his website and you can get a more complete bio of Dale there as well,

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John Winzeler, president and owner of Winzeler Gear, creates a unique manufacturing environment by combining his passions for art, fashion, cars and gears. The result is one of the premier international designers and manufacturers of precision plastic gears.

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