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Vertical-model-new-machine-sharpWinzeler was again featured in the “One Cool Thing” Brilliant Boss edition of the blog by Dale Dauten. In his post “Cool Thing #17” he starts out describing how Charlie Hughes of Land Rover wanted to get his people in the new American Division to get really excited about the Range Rover. He decided to hold a “Love The Product” Day.

He had his engineers rent a backhoe and turn an empty lot into an off-road track. Now that is better than a dark room and a powerpoint presentation.

Dale also highlighted Winzeler Gear and posted some of our Gear Art on his blog at the end of his post. And those that know Winzeler know how everyday is Love The Product Day. We have gear art, gear fashion and an art gallery in the middle of our design and manufacturing precision plastics gear facility.

I invite you to take a look at Dale’s short post. It can help you shift your perspective on your product or service, and how to make it fun for yourself, your people and your customers.

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John Winzeler, president and owner of Winzeler Gear, creates a unique manufacturing environment by combining his passions for art, fashion, cars and gears. The result is one of the premier international designers and manufacturers of precision plastic gears.

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