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I am back from the K Show and there was one topic permeating every discussion…The Internet of Things (IoT), also be called Industry 4.0. And depending on who you talk to, IoT means different things to different people. I was honored to be invited for an interview on the VDMA The Morning Show, which took place on-site at the K Show.  Mr. Wolfgang Meisen, Head of Communication and PR, KUKA Roboter was also a guest on the show. The interview focused on our visions as to what IoT meant to each of us and our companies.


Winzeler Internet of Things

At Winzeler Gear, we are on a journey with our partner, Engel, to implement a smart factory and 4.0 to drive more waste and inefficiency out of the plant. We are looking at our overall equipment efficiency and find improovements that justify the investments, which drives the need for predictive and preventive maintenance  to keep machinery up and running.

As you may know, I am a mechanical engineer by degree, but my background is in racing. And in my mind the biggest example of IoT is Formula 1. And we are trying to do the same thing, gathering large data and use it productively to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Winzeler Gear has a vision of what we want to do, investing time and money to wire up the equipment and get the IT infrastucture in place. Then we are also developing a strategic plan for talent. There will be different gaps in our talent pool tomorrow. And it is one thing to collect data, but something else to do something with it. We need the talent to be able to analyze all the data we are collecting and make it useful to help us minimize our labor but still provide 100% perfect parts to our customers.

You can see the entire interview here.

Our interview was also published in the K Show publication.

Wolfgang Meisen, Head of Communication adn PR, KUKA Roboter

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