FashionNext 2017 integrates gears into fashion

As you may know, fashion is one of my passions. I was recently very honored to be included for the second time in the 2017 FashionNext awards event. FashionNext is an annual challenge tasking teams from the Chicago area to use the Chicago History Museum’s costume collection as inspiration and create innovative, expressive fashions. As described on the Chicago History Museum web site, “The competition drew inspiration from the garments in Making Mainbocher: The First American Couturier and was based in a speculative future created by acclaimed young adult author Laura Ruby.” In addition, teams were to “Imagining themselves in Chicago 2072, where they had to contend with fabric restrictions and DIY embellishments.”


Winzeler Gear participated in the 2015 FashionNext program, and was asked in the summer of 2016 to again donate materials. Our gears were evidently were the perfect tie-in with author Laura Ruby’s futuristic scenario.


Part of the judging criteria included the ability of teams to incorporate materials that were supplied by the museum. When you look at the nine entries you will see obvious, and more subtle, integrations of our gears. Click on each image to blow them up. Can you find the gears in each entry?


There were nine teams from across the Chicago area, each with a fashion professional who mentor them as they created and presented their entries. You can get more detail on their entries here.







































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