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Love The Product Day

Winzeler was again featured in the “One Cool Thing” Brilliant Boss edition of the blog by Dale Dauten. In his post “Cool Thing #17” he starts out describing how Charlie Hughes of Land Rover wanted to get his people in the new American Division to get really excited about the Range Rover. He decided to… Read more >

Winzeler Award

TMA’s Winzeler Award presented to Mike Hasley, VP QCC

It was the 88th meeting of the Tooling and Manufacturing Association on March 20th of this year, and since 1971 the Tooling and Manufacturing Association has recognized an individual who demonstrates outstanding service to the tool and die industry. This year the Winzeler Award was presented to Mike Hasley, Vice President of QCC. He was… Read more >

Winzeler Gear "Special"

Winzeler Gear: Gear Heads

I inherited my love of racing from my dad. He loved motor sports and started racing hydroplanes on some nearby lakes in the 1930s. But what really piqued his interest was a then new sport – midget car racing – born about the same time. At first, midgets ran on board tracks originally used for… Read more >