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Jazz and our 2018 calendar

Collaboration, conflict and compromise. That is Jazz. Individual specialists working together towards a common goal…to use their talents to create something new, innovative and pleasing to their audience. This year the theme of our 2018 calendar is Gear Jazz. Our photographer/artist, Erich Schrempp deftly integrated gears, great Chicago jazz artists and their instruments into a… Read more >

FashionNext 2017 integrates gears into fashion

As you may know, fashion is one of my passions. I was recently very honored to be included for the second time in the 2017 FashionNext awards event. FashionNext is an annual challenge tasking teams from the Chicago area to use the Chicago History Museum’s costume collection as inspiration and create innovative, expressive fashions. As… Read more >

12 Months of Gear Art. It’s more challenging than you may think.

Perhaps you’ve seen our annual Winzeler Gear Art Calendar. Each year, we create 12 images portraying our gears as beautiful objects in unexpectedly artful surroundings, and create a central theme linking them together. Since one of our passions is the art of cars, it was only logical for our creative team to make that the… Read more >