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The WORKPLACE interview on Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School

As many of you know, one of my favorite topics is how to bring well-qualified people into the manufacturing workforce. A request to discuss the state of manufacturing from the perspective of someone actually running a manufacturing facility is a welcome opportunity. Recently I was invited to be interviewed on the Wharton School’s Business Radio… Read more >

Tom Simeone presented with Winzeler Award at TMA

Tom Simeone, President of Manor Tool and Manufacturing, was the unanimous choice as the recipient of the Winzeler Award at the annual TMA (Technology and Manufacturing Association) meeting on March 4th. Tim has been extremely active at TMA, having served on the Board of Directors, Government Relations Committee and currently a major contributor to the… Read more >

Discussing IoT at the K Show

I am back from the K Show and there was one topic permeating every discussion…The Internet of Things (IoT), also be called Industry 4.0. And depending on who you talk to, IoT means different things to different people. I was honored to be invited for an interview on the VDMA The Morning Show, which took… Read more >

Jim Hommer the 2016 Winzeler Award Recipient

This year the committee unanimously selected Jim Hommer Sr. as the recipient of the Winzeler Award at the annual TMA (Technology and Manufacturing Association) meeting on March 5th. Jim was a unanimoous choice by the committee, which is challenged every year with identifying and tracking TMA members that have the same passion and vision for… Read more >

Love The Product Day

Winzeler was again featured in the “One Cool Thing” Brilliant Boss edition of the blog by Dale Dauten. In his post “Cool Thing #17” he starts out describing how Charlie Hughes of Land Rover wanted to get his people in the new American Division to get really excited about the Range Rover. He decided to… Read more >


Dale Dauten writes an interesting blog, One of his regular subjects is “One Cool Thing” and Winzeler Gear was the subject. Winzeler is Cool Thing #16. In this blog post he covers a lot of ground about our partnerships with Engle and DuPont, but what I find most interesting is his “What Can We… Read more >

A great interview on AM/560 Playmakers

My interview with Dick Smith, host of Playmakers on AM/560, a segment within the “Get Down To Business” show, aired on schedule on June 28th. Click Here to hear our discussion. Dick touched on a lot of the topics that I feel are big differentiators for Winzeler Gear. We covered our history, manufacturing environment, partnerships,… Read more >

Winzeler Gear on AM/560 THE ANSWER

My interview on the AM/560 THE ANSWER radio show “Get Down To Business” is scheduled to air on Sunday, June 28th. The Playmakers segment, hosted by Dick Smith, has my interview set to air at 6:14pm. Get Down To Business is a regular feature Sunday evenings on AM/560 THE ANSWER. Dick Smith hosts the “Playmakers… Read more >

Gear Gizmo goes to Italy

Winzeler Gear projects pop up in unexpected places. The September 2014 issue of Household Appliances parts and components, published by tecniche nuove in Milano, Italy, has the Winzeler Gear Gizmo on page 60. Editorial appears in both Italian and English and the article briefly discusses how Winzeler Gear, in collaboration with our strategic partners, Engel… Read more >


Engineers and Plastics

I was recently interviewed by Tony Deligio, an editor at Plastics Technology, when I posed a question. “Do today’s engineers know plastics?” You can read my comments and that of other’s in our industry in Tony’s blog post. Most products today, including our automobiles, have a huge percentage of components produced from plastics, but  most… Read more >


The KISS fork featured in Plast Design

The Italian publication, Plast Design, featured our collaboration with the Designed Objects program at the School of the Arts Institute Chicago (SAIC). Winzeler Gear is a devoted supporter of the arts and through our connection with SAIC we were asked to collaborate with design students on this great project. The KISS fork is a great… Read more >

Winzeler Gear

Winzeler Gear featured in July 2014 issue of Plastics Technology

This is a pleasant surprise. Winzeler Gear made the cover of the July issue of Plastics Technology magazine. You can view the digital version of the magazine here. You can read the online article here. We had a great interview with Plastics Technology Executive Editor Matt Naitove when he visited our plant in May. His… Read more >

Winzeler makes cover of Italian Plastix magazine

An article written by our strategic partner, Engel, continues to get picked up by editors in the plastics industry. And now we are in Italian. The cover of the recent Plastix magazine in Italy features a Gear Hat, created by one of the students participating in the School of the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC) advanced… Read more >

Winzeler Award

TMA’s Winzeler Award presented to Mike Hasley, VP QCC

It was the 88th meeting of the Tooling and Manufacturing Association on March 20th of this year, and since 1971 the Tooling and Manufacturing Association has recognized an individual who demonstrates outstanding service to the tool and die industry. This year the Winzeler Award was presented to Mike Hasley, Vice President of QCC. He was… Read more >

John Winzeler, Winzeler Gear, Honored at Manufacturing Expo at Oakton Community College

This year I was was one of five honorees at the Manufacturing Expo held at Oakton Community College, recognized for our contributions and support of the Expo. Oakton Community College, in partnership with NSERVE, a career and technical consortium of nine high schools in the northern Chicago suburbs, with the support of the Tooling and… Read more >

Engel Winzeler

The Molding Blog features Winzeler Gear

A recent article on “The Molding Blog” discussed my passion for fashion and our collaboration with students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). I am constantly trying stretch and grow, looking for new, creative ways to look at precision plastic gears. We have worked with photographers like Erich Schrempp, artists like… Read more >

Calder Gear Art

PlasticsToday: Molding is a science and an art at Winzeler Gear

Winzeler Gear is in the news again. PlasticsToday published a nice story on Winzeler Gear, highlighting how we integrate our passion for art with our passion for gears. The article by Heather Caliendo, content manager at PlasticsToday, also covers how our ongoing success is due in part to our longtime partners, Engel and DuPont. We… Read more >

Winzeler Featured in Gear Solutions

Winzeler Gear and our Gear Art have been featured in the February issue of Gear Solutions. It’s a nicely written article with an overview of our history, plus some of our great Gear Art imagery. The cover of their magazine and the image in their email masthead is from our 2013 Gear Art calendar where… Read more >