Economic Theory of Collective Intelligence

Economic Theory of Collective Intelligence

Optimization through collaboration – The Power of Strategic Partnerships

Winzeler Gear employs the Economic Theory of Collective Intelligence to enhance the optimization of plastic gear product design and manufacturing. This concept asserts that what determines the creativity and speed of innovation is the number of collaborative interactions between individuals. We coordinate these interactions with the unique perspectives of gear design and gear manufacturing professionals.

As we see it, all technologies are combinations of other technologies. For example, you cannot optimize a plastic gear design without considering both the behavior of the plastics materials, how they process, and how the material selection and gear configuration impact the gear mold design.

Using this “collective intelligence” for plastic gear design and manufacturing results in superior value for our clients. We reduce development time and stress associated with typical product development.

Many of our clients select Winzeler Gear and DuPont before commencing the design of a new gear driven product. Let us put our collective brainpower to work for you.

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