Partnering with the
School of the Art Institute Chicago
Advanced Headwear Class

In 2007 Winzeler Gear collaborated with the sophomore dressmaking class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). The goal was to introduce future dress designers to the creative process we employ for gear design and plastic gear manufacturing. Students, faculty, and Winzeler Gear personnel alike enjoyed the collaboration.

SAIC instructor Eia Radosavljevic approached me in 2009 with the idea of Winzeler Gear embarking on a similar effort with the SAIC advanced headwear designers. Though the recession regrettably delayed our artistic collaborations, in 2012 we set about making the Head Gear project happen.

February 2012 saw the project begin with an introduction to gears, gear design, and gear manufacturing by way of a class taught by me and gear engineer Mike Cassata at the school and here in our art gallery at the Winzeler Gear plant. Mike instructed the students on the complexity and beauty of the involute curve (shown here), a key element of gear design.

The collaboration was celebrated with an exhibition in our gallery following a jury selection of the scholarship winners in May. The exhibit returned to the SAIC in August 2012 with its installation at the Fashion School Gallery.

Various pieces of Gear Headwear appear in our 2013 desktop art calendar.

If you enjoy our gallery you are welcome to submit a request to receive our desk art calendar where every year we look at gears differently.