The Gears Collage

The Gears

Winzeler Gear has the expertise to resolve your gear design challenges, the processes and quality assurance programs to ensure gears meet or exceed specifications, and the large volume manufacturing experience to provide unparalleled repeatability.

From concept through production, our gears are subjected to the scrutiny of our design team and collaborative review with our strategic partners, resulting in a gear that will enhance the overall performance of your entire system.

Gear Assemblies

Winzeler has helped customers develop smart, efficient, cost effective solutions to their gear and gear assembly project. Ideally, when you come to us with an idea or a challenge, Winzeler Gear includes our strategic partners and your all of your people in the collaborative process to come up with the ideal gear solution. Involving Winzeler at the earliest point in the development ensures we drive out costs before a single gear is manufactured.