IMAGINATIVE Gear Manufacturing

Showcasing the art of partnerships, Winzeler Gear is an industry-leading manufacturer of precision molded plastic gears for automotive, off-road, lawn & garden, and office automation.

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IMAGINATIVE Gear Manufacturing

Advanced Gear Manufacturing

In alignment with our strategic partners, Winzeler Gear was able to manufacture incompatible shapes systematically working together to make what we call “Gear Gizmo”.



Winzeler Gear’s precision-molded plastic gear systems deliver high-value solutions designed for smooth and seamless operation.


Gear Design

Our collaborative approach toward design from the first concept phase ensures you’ll get the best gears at the lowest price.

Gear Molding

Gear Molding

Winzeler Gear utilizes Scientific Molding to develop all our gears, ensuring minimum variability and high material integrity.

Gear Art

Gear Art

With an eye for art, each one of our designs strategically combines the themes of creative thought, interaction, and collaboration.

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Turning Your Gear Challenges into a Well-Oiled Machine

At Winzeler Gear, we strive to be the best. We achieve our goals through competitive instincts, continuous improvement, teamwork and the desire to be number one.

Not Your Typical Manufacturing Facility

Not Your Typical Manufacturing Facility

Offering the perfect blend of artistic creativity and manufacturing expertise, Winzeler Gear is like no other precision plastic gear facility. Our one-of-a-kind creative approach to gear design will make you think differently about gear manufacturing.



There’s More than What Meets the Eye

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Artistic Gears
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Paschke Winzeler Gear
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Being Born Winzeler Gear
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Pop-Art Winzeler Gear
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Gear Dress
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Absolut Gear
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Water Gears
Testimonials Section

“I always recommend John and his company to others that want to develop gears. We engage in development early on which needs to be suitable to the application and tooling approach, to know what works best for a type of gear. They are an amazing group.”

~ Horia B. - Manufacturing Customer

“Good quality, responsive, valued customer satisfaction, and when issues do come up, they quickly come to a solution.”

~ Rhonda M. - Electronics Customer

“They’ve always been good, responsive, and accurate. If we have any issues; John and his team are jumping in with both feet to help because they’re very technically adept.”

~ Brian G. - Automotive Customer

“John does a great job integrating his passions into his work which supports his value proposition – the precision, aesthetic, and team concept from boat racing; we’re better as a team with better synergies. It’s a sincere philosophy and he’s never lost sight of that.”

~ Timothy B. - Manufacturing Customer

“We have a good working relationship; I appreciate them because they’re very knowledgeable about gears – they’re my go-to supplier”

~ Brenda G. - Automotive Customer

Meet the Team

Winzeler Gear’s team of collaborative, creative gear specialists showcase our company’s atmosphere of innovation and imagination.


Collaboration enhances creativity, and at Winzeler Gear, we believe in building an atmosphere that encourages innovation, teamwork, and imaginative thought. Your new exciting career begins today.

Strategic Partners

Winzeler Gear’s success is driven by our company-wide philosophy, combining our “manufacturing art” of creating precision molded gears with the power of strategic business partnerships.

What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

LET’s talk gears