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Winzeler Gear offers the art of designing and manufacturing for all our gears and gear designs. Our vast experience with a variety of gear challenges has resulted in many creative and efficient gear solutions for our customers, which is why so many of them choose Winzeler Gear before commencing the design of a new, gear-driven product.

We have the knowledge and expertise to resolve countless gear design challenges you may face. From concept through production, every single one of our gears are subjected to the analysis of our design team and collaborative review with our strategic partners. The end result is a gear that will enhance the overall performance of your system and exceed your expectations.

Let us work together to create the best gear solutions for your end product.

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Gear Systems


Winzeler Gear creates gear systems for original equipment manufacturers in need of creative solutions for their unique mechanisms. Our vast experience with a variety of gear system challenges has yielded extremely successful results for our customers.

Gear Overmolding

Plastic Gear Overmolding

Winzeler Gear is well qualified to collaborate on overmolding gear solutions. We understand gears are more than just the sum of their parts: they require a variety of advanced molding methods in order to improve gear function and fabrication. 

Types of Gears

Types of Plastic Gears

Winzeler Gear works together with customers who value collaboration, and we understand that it requires a technical team of diverse knowledge to provide industry-leading designs for customers in need of a variety of gears.

Gear Styles


Winzeler Gear helps customers create smart, efficient, and cost-effective gears in a variety of styles to fit their precise needs. In order to find the most creative gear solutions, the team at Winzeler Gear collaborates with our partners at the inception of a project to optimize it’s fit, form, and function before its ready to go into production.

Meet the Team

Winzeler Gear’s team of collaborative, creative gear specialists showcase our company’s atmosphere of innovation and imagination. Learn more about our team shares the same enthusiasm for gears and gear design.


Collaboration enhances creativity, and at Winzeler Gear, we believe in building an atmosphere that encourages innovation, teamwork, and imaginative thought. Your new exciting career begins today.

Strategic Partners

Winzeler Gear’s success is driven by our company-wide philosophy, combining our “manufacturing art” of creating precision molded gears with the power of strategic business partnerships.

What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

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