Gear Design

Creative Gear Design from Concept to Production 


Winzeler Gear is most valuable when engaged in a new program at the design phase of gear product development. The design phases are our only opportunity to create and optimize the gears for economics, engineering requirements, and robust manufacturing from start of production through life of program. We understand it requires a technical team with a wide range of diverse knowledge to provide industry leading designs. Efficient gear product design is a team sport, and it requires collaboration from multiple engineering disciplines.   

When we provide gear product design, we are always considering the limits of the plastic material, mold, molding process, and quality requirements. Prototyping is an important step to optimizing gear product design for large volume manufacturing, and our goal is to develop the best possible gear, bringing it from concept to a reality.  

Winzeler Gear’s vast experience with a variety of gear design challenges has yielded successful results for our customers in a wide range of industries, primarily in automotive. To learn more about what Winzeler Gear can design for your specific application, contact us today. 

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Gear Design

Gear Design

Through gear design prototyping, Winzeler Gear is able to do what we do best: collaborate with partners and customers to focus on optimization and the manufacturability of high-quality gears. 



Our team has spent years investing in plastic gear R&D to enhance gear design and engineering capabilities. We have designed a wide range of components that operate with the help of our strategic partners, and we continue to work together with them to develop the best gears and assemblies on the market.

Gear Gizmo


Winzeler Gear believes nothing is impossible when it comes to gear design. In 2004, the Winzeler team worked together with our strategic partners DuPont Performance Polymers, RJG, and Engel North America to officially bring the Gear Gizmo to life.

Meet the Team

Winzeler Gear’s team of collaborative, creative gear specialists showcase our company’s atmosphere of innovation and imagination. Learn more about our team shares the same enthusiasm for gears and gear design.


Collaboration enhances creativity, and at Winzeler Gear, we believe in building an atmosphere that encourages innovation, teamwork, and imaginative thought. Your new exciting career begins today.

Strategic Partners

Winzeler Gear’s success is driven by our company-wide philosophy, combining our “manufacturing art” of creating precision molded gears with the power of strategic business partnerships.

What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

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