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Gear Design Pushed to New Artistic Heights

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At Winzeler Gear, we think differently. Driven by analytics and a natural sense of curiosity, we are not a traditional injection molder. Instead, we challenge the conventional to enhance the optimization of plastic gear product design and manufacturing.

Founded in 1940, Winzeler Gear combines the perfect blend of artistic creativity and manufacturing expertise as a one-of-a-kind precision-molded gear manufacturer, providing innovative gear solutions.

Utilizing the principles of scientific molding and industry-leading technology, Winzeler Gear continues to build on our reputation as an innovative gear system designer and industry-leading manufacturer of precision molded plastic gears.

Winzeler Gear understands gears better than anyone because manufacturing precision molded gears are all we do.

Optimization Through CollaborationGear Machinery

Winzeler Gear believes in the power of strategic partnerships and employs the Economic Theory of Collective Intelligence – what determines the creativity and speed of innovation is the number of collaborative interactions between individuals. Using this collective intelligence for plastic gear design and manufacturing allows for unique perspectives of gear design to come forward, producing optimized plastic gear product design and manufacturing.

As a collaborative partner, Winzeler Gear develops market-leading, high-volume precision molded plastic gears through mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships for automotive, off-road, and lawn & garden industries.

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What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

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