Gear Molding

Gear Molding

Gear Molding

Gear Molding

Creating the best gear design is only the start of production: the next step is molding the gear itself. Prototype molding and quality validation are essential before constructing production molds, and at Winzeler Gear, we utilize gear molding as an optimization step allowing us to test alternate material, thinner wall sections, and other cost-saving opportunities for production.

The best molded gears start from the best designs, and Winzeler Gear understands the importance of optimizing component gears before production. Prototype gear molding is the best way to end up with the best possible gears for your application.

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Scientific Molding


The proper execution of scientific molding is critical to maintaining consistent quality for a gear with high tolerances and demanding structural stability requirements. Winzeler Gear will always ensure all your molded gears perform consistently with the help of our data-driven scientific molding process.

Quality Assurance


The team at Winzeler Gear has created our quality systems with an emphasis on gear inspection throughout the production process. Our quality lab represents an investment of over $1M of gear inspection equipment to maintain the highest quality product.

Gear metrology


At Winzeler Gear, we have high-quality gear metrology equipment to validate and monitor all critical gear characteristics, from the initial prototype all the way to large volume production. Our top-of-the-line systems are here to assure you our gears meet all your dimensional and structural requirements.



Winzeler’s automated systems allow for repeatable quality and helps reduce the overall production costs. Highly-skilled engineers ensure every project is best optimized with the right technology while being supported by our team who performs ongoing quality checks.

Meet the Team

Winzeler Gear’s team of collaborative, creative gear specialists showcase our company’s atmosphere of innovation and imagination. Learn more about our team shares the same enthusiasm for gears and gear design.


Collaboration enhances creativity, and at Winzeler Gear, we believe in building an atmosphere that encourages innovation, teamwork, and imaginative thought. Your new exciting career begins today.

Strategic Partners

Winzeler Gear’s success is driven by our company-wide philosophy, combining our “manufacturing art” of creating precision molded gears with the power of strategic business partnerships.

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What Challenge Are You Trying to Solve?

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