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Winzeler Metal Stamping Company

In 1908, young Johnny Winzeler left Ft. Wayne, Indiana and started an entry-level position at a Chicago, IL manufacturing company. After completing a tool & die apprenticeship he became a toolmaker and in 1920 partnered with Pete Jacobsen to establish Reliance Die & Stamping. The business flourished for years and grew to over 100 employees until the Great Depression forced the company to close in 1931. In 1937, Johnny’s son, Harold, graduated from Northwestern University’s Mechanical Engineering School and immediately entered a tool & die apprenticeship. In 1940, with an improving economy, Harold founded Winzeler Manufacturing & Tool Company. Johnny joined Harold in this new venture and together they grew the company to become one of the leading producers of stamped metal gears for radio, appliance and toy industries.

Gear Metrology LabLooking forward and forecasting how alternative materials would replace stamped metal gears, Harold began developing plastic molding partnerships to help ensure the company’s future. Harold’s visionary thinking over 40 years ago helped forge a strong future of success. Now headed by Harold’s son, John, Winzeler Gear is known internationally as one of the premier designers and manufacturers of precision molded plastic gears. Over the years Winzeler Gear has expanded our manufacturing business with the assistance of our strategic suppliers and customers to create a highly automated gear molding facility with the capacity to produce 150 million gears annually. We are driven to continuous improvement and fostering innovation to continue to be a leader in the design and manufacturing of precision molded gears and actuators.

This company-wide philosophy, combining streamlined manufacturing processes, creative thinking and strong relationships between our company, customers, and suppliers is immediately evident when you tour Winzeler Gear.