Fashion Gear Art Collection

Designers create wearable gear art.

We see a beauty in gears. Their form and texture. Their infinite combinations. It was a natural progression to invite fashion designers to take what they see and feel an bring it to life as their interpretation of wearable gear art.

In recent years we have partnered with the School of the Art Institute Chicago and their fashion and millinery classes. Students visit our plant and are introduced to gear design, gear manufacturing and the beauty of the involute. Then throughout the semester they work with WInzeler and their instructor to infuse their interpretation of gears into their projects. It all culminates at Winzeler Gear with an awards ceremony. Projects are judged by the instructors and a variety of prizes awarded by John Winzeler.

If you enjoy our gallery you are welcome to submit a request to receive our desk art calendar where every year we look at gears differently.